No Website? You Can Still Make Money Online

Do you want to make money online? There are some easy ways to make money online without having to know anything about html or even building a website. There are a few simple steps you should follow, but it does require some work. There is no such way to make money without lifting a finger these days.

If you know how to write simple blogs or articles then you should sign up for That way you are considered an affiliate and can sell other peoples products. That's one way to start making money. There are a lot of companies out there that outsource there marketing because word of mouth is better than an ad that no one reads.

After doing that you should try out the products you are selling or make sure you know enough about it before writing an article on it. Once you get the information on the product and you would resell it or you like that product then you can write about it to try and sell it. You should defiantly install a stat counter so you know where your traffic is coming from. That's a good start to know which sites are getting your articles or blogs.

The best advice you will get is to write about something interesting that a lot of people use, If your writing about garbage no one will read it or buy the product so therefore you won't be making any money but you will be wasting your time. The articles are going to sell your affiliate stuff and that's how you make your money. Every week a check is issued through Clickbank.

If you try these simple steps there is no way you won't make money. Make sure you are writing about products that get good reviews and good quality products because you don't want to scam anyone on a product that you convince them to buy. This is an easy way to make a few extra bucks, when you get good at it then you can set up a schedule and try and make a living off of it.

During these turbulent economic times with the stock market dropping off a cliff combined with the housing market forcing people into foreclosures at record pace it is more important than ever to find ways to make money that are not subject to todays economy. Thank God there are many ways to do this. The only thing most people are missing is the know how. Knowledge is power. Just reading this article helps you down the path of knowing more about making money online.

For example, when I first started my career in making money online in 1995 I knew very little about how to use a computer. I did not know how to load a software application, or how to create a document on a word processor or even how to reboot my system. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you make money online when you are a newbie? One day at a time. Sure there is lots to learn but it is not rocket science. It is not brain surgery. Be patient and persistent and you will also get there.
Rick Eriksen

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7 Biggest Money Mistakes and How Not To Make Them

Nearly everyone wants to make more money and keep more of the money they have for the future or for fun. Yet, most Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck, deep in debt and unsure how to get out of the trap.

Here are the 7 biggest money mistakes people make and how you can avoid them.
  1. Not investing. Whether you're 19 or 59, it's never too late to start. You'll be no better off in three years than you are right now if you don't start investing right now. Even a dollar a day in a mutual fund can make a huge difference in a short amount of time.

  2. Not making yourself important. You deserve to have some money set aside for you and to make as much money as you'd like. No one can stop you unless you let them.

  3. Not getting a good rate of return on your money. If most of your money is in a checking account paying 4 percent, you're losing money! Inflation will make your money worth less tomorrow unless you're getting at least 5 to 10 percent interest on your account.

  4. Thinking someone else will take care of you financially. Whether you're depending on the government or meeting Mr. or Ms. Right, you're banking on something very unpredictable. It's time for you to take charge.

  5. Not asking for help. There are lots of money advisors, books, seminars -- you name it -- on making your money work for you. Only people who want to succeed ask for help.

  6. Not planning for the future. Retail therapy can be fun. But how long does the thrill of a new outfit or gadget last? Will you regret what you spent later when you are barely scraping by? How good will that purchase make you feel if you can't pay your bills?

  7. Not taking time to manage your money. Good for you -- you've read this far so you have invested in yourself already. Spend at least five minutes each day managing your acccounts, learning more about money and investments, and tracking your expenditures.
The time you spend will yield great results and help you have your richest life!

By: Karen Pickett

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